Kenshoo has acquired data intelligence platform Signals Analytics!

事業目標に合わせたソリューションを提案し、 自動車業界のマーケターを支援します

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Kenshoo Local Profile Archiving

Kenshoo Localの概要パンフレット

Kenshoo Localによるごく限られた地域のキャンペーンの一括作成

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Kenshoo RealTime Campaigns

Close the Loop between Online and Offline with Kenshoo’s Call Conversion Optimization

Kenshoo Universal Platform

Kenshoo SocialおよびShoutlet: 統合されたソーシャルメディアマーケティング

MoontoastとKenshoo Socialのパートナー

“Kenshoo offers several tools that have enabled us to scale our SEM efforts for local-focused clients. The template tool enables us to create hundreds of geo-specific campaigns with the click of a button. Dimensions allows us to create effective and useful reporting at any level necessary. Call Conversion Optimization, in my opinion, is a huge differentiator of the Kenshoo suite. Not only are we able to tie the value of offline phone calls back to the original keyword click, but we can consider the value of that phone call in our automated bid rules (that’s HUGE!).”

Neil Mahoney, Partner & Director of eCommerce

“Kenshoo’s new reporting capabilities have already had a tremendous impact for us. Kenshoo gives us professional looking reports that can be easily configured to include the data my customers need to see so I can demonstrate the value and results my team is delivering.”

Duncan Scarry, CEO/founder