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Key Takeaways from Q3 2020

Here are some of the key digital marketing trends from Q3 2020's advertising data.

Clear signs of recovery across digital advertising.
Deferred spending was the biggest story in Q3 across Paid Search and Social Advertising, with search making a strong rebound from Q2 and social coming back from a July marked by advertiser boycotts.
Advertisers followed the accelerated growth of online shopping brought on by the pandemic.
Ecommerce advertisers maintained the high level of monthly ad spending that they had established by the end of Q2.
Practitioners continue to leverage intelligent machines.
Automated features that control tactical campaign decisions at scale continue to gain traction across channels

The Kenshoo Q3 2020 Quarterly Trends Report

This edition of the Kenshoo Quarterly Trends Report for Q3 2020 is drawn from a foundation of nearly $7B in annualized marketer spend, over 800 billion ad impressions, and 12 billion clicks. As one of the most well-respected datasets by those who follow advertising performance closely, it includes many proprietary insights about what’s happening in the digital advertising industry on a macro level. In this report, learn quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year digital advertising campaign performance trends from Q3 2020, including:

  • Key performance indicators for the third quarter of the year across Search, Social, and Ecommerce Advertising
  • A drill-down into the current state of key industries affected by the global health crisis
  • Signs of recovery using spending trends across channels and verticals

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