Reach the Right Users from Discovery to Store to Retention
and Beyond!

App installs today are done across search, social, store, and more.  Adquant by Kenshoo is the all-in-one, complete solution for any app marketer to reach their best users, drive the install & continued user app engagement – across all the publishers that matter.

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From Discovery...

Adquant delivers campaigns that reach your users in discovery mode at scale, and across all the publishers that matter.

Including: Facebook, Snap, Google Universal App Campaigns and now Apple Search Ads.

To the App Stores...

Access all the right levers for total control app placement in the app stores in Android and iOS.

Activate high app store ranking to reach and acquire new lasting users.

To Retention...

Adquant helps retain your users well beyond the install – optimizing towards in-app actions that grow user Lifetime Value (LTV).

  • Analyze monetization behavior
  • Understand funnel maturity over time
  • Optimize toward loyal users & grow LTV.

...and Beyond!

Adquant by Kenshoo grants access to expert scale, automation, reporting and optimization tools meant to grow app usage and ROI.

Run multi-publisher campaigns from one place – across Facebook, Snap, Google UAC and now Apple Search Ads.

  • Robust campaign and creatives management
  • Granular cohort analyses, reporting and insights
  • Full funnel optimizations of ads and in-app user actions.


Track and Measure Lifetime Value of Mobile App Users

Mobile measurement is available through the Kenshoo S2S Integration, Facebook SDK and 3rd party partners.