How do you grab consumers’ attention in today’s visually driven, mobile-first world? Full-Screen Immersive Video! With the introduction of Instagram Stories Ads, marketers now have a powerful tool for driving consumer engagement within a hugely popular platform. But the format is relatively new and many marketers are still sorting through what creative approaches work best.

With hundreds of clients using Kenshoo for paid social programs such as Instagram Stories Ads, we have a unique perspective on the best practices for this format. Join experts from Kenshoo and Facebook for an informative webinar that will give you the insights and inspiration to develop creative concepts that make consumers stop scrolling and start connecting with your brand.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  1. The top 10 creative best practices for ads in Instagram Stories 
  2. How major brands found success in unexpected ways with this format 
  3. How creative partners can help you cost effectively produce winning Instagram Stories Ads at scale